Yacht and boat rental service in Dubai


Why Tripemirates?

Why Tripemirates?

Tripemirates is a modern online service for booking yachts and boats. For many years, our team has been working all over the world, making our guests fall in love with the cruise format and showing them cities from a new and unexpected perspective. On our website you will find a great variety of water recreation formats: from rental a modern yacht or a boat for a charter on the Persian Gulf to a group-themed cruise.

We truly believe that renting a yacht in Dubai is one of the best ways to get to know the place and spend quality time with your loved ones in a pleasant atmosphere. You may ask why? Well, the answer is quite simple: Dubai is one of those cities with some of the best water recreation conditions. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Boat and yacht charter in Dubai

At Tripemirates we’ve gathered some of the best offers for yacht and boat bookings, with each vessel meeting the latest technical requirements. In addition to technologically advanced yachts, high quality service and attention to detail, we guarantee precise adherence to your scenario: a personal manager will listen to all your wishes and bring them to life. If there aren't any exact ideas, our manager will recommend a tour based on your personal preferences and set budget. There are also no restrictions in time — you can charter a yacht in Dubai for an hour, a day, or a week.

Dubai Marina yacht rental — is a great option for those who want to arrange a cruise on the Persian Gulf accompanied by their friends and family. We have compiled a selection of the best-equipped crafts with all the amenities: air conditioners; music centers; TVs; cabins with private bathrooms; fully equipped kitchens; dining areas; patios; as well as a wide range of additional services. During the preparation for the trip, our team will make an individual route, develop a custom program of the trip, select a suitable yacht or boat; and offer to choose additional entertainment. One of the primary benefits of hiring a yacht in Dubai is the possibility to personally select the people you're sailing with which will make your acquaintance with the UAE even more pleasurable.

Group cruises

Group tours on the Persian Gulf are a more budget-friendly option, but at the same time they are in no way inferior to the charter in terms of experience and fullness of program. You don't have to plan the route or the entertainment here; all you have to do is pick a ready-made cruise and set sail. One of the main differences between group cruises and private yachting is that the route, the entertainment program, the sailing on water transport itself and service fees are already included in the ticket price. If you have any special preferences and requests, please contact us and we’ll recommend you the most suitable cruise. 

Now we’ve reached the most important aspect. You can purchase a ticket for a group cruise on our website. Just choose a convenient date and time, enter your personal data, and wait for an e-ticket to arrive in your mail. To book a yacht or a boat, simply choose the appropriate option and send an application. Then our manager will contact you, clarify all your wishes and suggestions, tell you how much your cruise will cost, and proceed to the creation of your personal boat trip. Please note that the total price of renting a boat in Dubai depends on several factors at the same time: the hourly cost of a yacht or a boat of a certain class, the route, duration, and date of the cruise, as well as the presence of additional services.

Our company stay in touch the entire trip to make sure your Dubai cruise impresses you and goes as planned. That’s how one of the most fulfilling days of your vacation is created with just you, your loved ones, the surf, and the unique atmosphere of Dubai.