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Private and group dinners on yachts

Private and group dinners on yachts
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Lotus mega yacht dinner cruise in Dubai
Lotus mega yacht dinner cruise in Dubai
3 hours
  • A cruise on one of the largest yachts in the world
  • Food and drinks are served buffet-style
  • Entertaining shows for all ages
  • Club, restaurant and movie theater are located in one place
  • The route goes along the entire Dubai coastline
  • Ticket options with included alcohol
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Group yacht cruise
Group yacht cruise
2 hours, the daytime cruise at 14:00 — 3 hours
  • 6 boat trip formats to suit every mood and occasion
  • Food and drinks are served at the buffet
  • English audio-guide is provided onboard
  • The route passes all the major sights
  • Premium class yacht with multiple lounges and recreation areas
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Dhow dinner cruise
Dhow dinner cruise
1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Dubai's most colorful tour
  • Buffet dinner
  • Tanur dancer performance
  • Route around Dubai Marina, the most fashionable district
  • Cruise on traditional Arabian boat Dhow
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Dinner cruise
Dinner cruise
1 hour 30 minutes
  • Sunset and evening Dubai cruises
  • Food and drinks are served buffet style
  • Live music throughout the cruise
  • Individual tables for each guest
  • Boat with open and closed decks
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During the golden hour the landscapes of Dubai begin to play with new colors. The tall glass skyscrapers of Dubai Marina shimmer in all shades of gold just like jewelry and the lights of embankments shine even brighter after sunset. You can enjoy evening Dubai even more if you add to these locations a beauty and luxury of the Persian Gulf and Dubai Marina. Having a dinner cruise on yachts for rent is a new way to experience a perfect evening in Dubai. They are two options: a group cruise in Dubai Marina and a private dinner cruise on a comfort or premium yachts in Dubai for rent.

Group dinner cruises depart daily from Dubai Marina or Dubai Harbour. They include a regular buffet dinner and have fixed departure schedules. Here you do not have the entire yacht for rent, but only a place at the table. At the same time, you can choose the model of the restaurant boat where you want to spend this evening in Dubai. Options for dinner  in Dubai include a traditional Dhow boat for rent, a cruise boat or a luxury yachts for rent. The main feature organized cruises on yachts with dinner for rent is its program, because it allows you to see the evening coast of Dubai Marina differently. 

A cruise with dinner on yachts for rent, though, allows you to create your own unique event program in the Persian Gulf and Dubai Marina. The Dubai price includes the entire yacht for a cruise for rent  just for your company of friends, departure from the center of Dubai, soft drinks and water included in dinner, a music stereo set system and other facilities on board, as well as, a luxurious banquet dinner with waiters services.

You choose the entertainment program of yachts cruise for rent in Dubai yourself, adding extra services depending on your own needs. You can create your own route for a dinner cruise with buffet or banquet in Dubai Marina on yachts, as well as hire bartenders and cooks for an open kitchen, ask for additional decorations, a cake or bouquet, and add water activities on a Dubai Marina yachts.