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Terms of Use

Terms of Use


User Agreement for dubaiyachtrent.com (dated 01.09.2022)


Tripemirates (dubaiyachtrent.com) is a service for booking yachts and boats and purchasing boat tickets online. We are a boat booking and ticketing agent in Dubai.


By making a boat reservation or buying an e-ticket on our website, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below, including the rules of conduct on board.


If the client does not agree to the terms of the user agreement, he is automatically not allowed to make boat reservations or buy e-tickets.


1. Basic notions


2. Buying an electronic ticket


Commission for refund of tickets at the initiative of the client


Ticket refund and change rules


Refund procedure


3. Yacht charter and boat rental


4. Privacy policy

We do not collect any personal data of your bank card. You give us only your phone number, e-mail address, name and the parameters necessary to rent a boat or book a ticket. This information is held by us and is necessary for identifying your booking, sending your ticket and communicating with you. Your contact information is used solely to transmit information about the trip or promotions.


Payment processing security is guaranteed by NEVATRIP LLP. All transactions with payment cards are made in accordance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. During information transfer the special security technologies of online card payments are used; the data is processed on the secure high-tech server of the processing company.


5. Rules of conduct on board

The Dubai Coast Guard sets strict rules for all charter companies, and fines are commonplace. If the rules are broken, the organizer reserves the right to shift any fine to the customer if it was imposed due to non-compliance or disregard of the rules set by the Coast Guard and enforced by your captain and crew. The charter can also be canceled without a refund.  


6. Liability for damages 


    7. Information about our company

    CEO: Iurii Duka

    Legal address: Ortachal II Dead End, 14, Tbilisi, 0114