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Group yacht cruise

Group yacht cruise
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  • Discounts:

    tickets for children (ages 3 to 12) — $46. Children that are 2 years old and under are free of charge.

About the cruise

Prices for adult tickets vary and depend on the format of the ride.

Renting a private boat or a luxury yacht for a trip in Dubai is not the only leisure option for a large company or a small group of people. A cool and exciting alternative to a private yacht is a group boat trip. Such tours are much more budget-friendly and convenient — you don't need to bother yourself choosing from dozens of similar yachts, think about food and drinks, or plan the entertainment. And most importantly, these voyages sail regularly, several times a day, so all that you need to do is to choose the most convenient time and set off towards stunning views, new acquaintances, or simply a cool rest.

Formats of a group cruises on a yacht:

  • Breakfast

When the standard hotel buffet is getting boring, you need to spice up your usual morning routine. The most interesting option is a morning boat cruise at Dubai Marina. The cruise runs along the entire coastline; you'll enjoy breakfast while viewing the best sights of Dubai. The variety of dishes is the highlight of the breakfast: various croissants, buns, bagels, muffins, meat and cheese platters, berry jams and fresh fruits. As for drinks, you will be offered coffee and all sorts of lemonades and juices. You can't think of a more wonderful morning.

Schedule: daily at 9:00.

Price: a ticket for an adult is $59.

Menu: here.

  • Brunch

For those who enjoy a longer sleep, we suggest looking into a late brunch on the yacht that offers much fuller meals. This yacht ride along the Dubai Marina and JBR is accompanied by the fascinating scenery of modern architecture and a pleasant late-morning atmosphere. The cruise menu includes a BBQ buffet with non-alcoholic beverages and a variety of dishes.

Schedule: daily at 11:30

Price: a ticket for an adult is $73.

Menu: here.

  • Afternoon

A group cruise during lunchtime is a great way to escape the heat of the day. The outdoor terraces are equipped with sunshades that will keep you from getting sunburned, and the spacious, air-conditioned deck will help you deal with the temperature peaks. As for the lunch itself, there's food cooked at the outdoor grill area, and unlimited refreshments are served. The main advantage of the daytime trip is its route: the yacht will not only pass through Dubai Marina and JBR but also head towards the Persian Gulf to Palm Jumeirah Island and the Burj Al Arab skyscraper.

Schedule: daily at 14:00

Price: a ticket for an adult is $101.

Menu: here.

  • Sunset

Watching the sunset in the Persian Gulf is a great way to end the day. Think through all of the ideas for photos during the golden hour — the spacious viewpoints offer plenty of opportunities to take cool photos. And for those who just want to relax, it's a great way to enjoy the tranquility of the Persian Gulf in the light of the receding sun with a delicious grilled dinner.

Schedule: daily at 17:30.

Price: a ticket for an adult is $87.

Menu: here.

  • Moonlight

It's so wonderful to spend time with your loved ones, friends, family, or coworkers on an atmospheric boat cruise after hard work or a busy day while enjoying grilled cuisine. An evening boat ride around Dubai is a place of peace that you should visit before venturing out into the bustling city at night.

Schedule: daily at 20:00.

Price: a ticket for an adult is $59.

Menu: here.

  •  Twilight

Sailing on a night cruise around Dubai is an absolute must-do for anyone who has come to the UAE. Fun, cheerful music, and the stunning lights of the futuristic sights after sunset create a unique atmosphere in the city. And you can enjoy it along with a delicious dinner of grilled dishes.

Schedule: daily at 21:00.

Price: A ticket for an adult is $59.

Menu: here.

  • Ain Wheel
  • JBR
  • Harbour
  • Lagoon
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis
  • Dubai Marina

The route

Breakfast, Lunch, Sunset, Moonlight and Twilight

The yacht departs from Dubai Marina and passes the Blue Waters Island, next to the biggest ferris wheel, the Ain Wheel. From there, the route turns to the JBR coast, enters the channel between the Dubai Harbor and the Palm Jumeirah Harbor, reaches the Burj Al Arab, and returns to the starting point.


The daytime Dubai yacht tour is an hour longer than the other formats. The reason for that is that the yacht does not take a shortcut across the Dubai Harbor and Palm Jumeirah, but sails directly to the Persian Gulf. Once reaching the Ferris wheel, the ship heads towards Atlantis The Palm hotel enters the open bay, reaches the Burj Al Arab, and returns passing between the Dubai Harbor and the Palm Jumeirah Harbor.

The yacht

The cruise takes place on a 65ft Luxury Catamaran or 86ft Yacht. The premium yachts are absolutely identical in all features and alternate depending on the schedule. There are several seating areas, open and enclosed terraces, dining and buffet areas, as well as sunbathing areas and viewing platforms for photos. Additionally, an audio guide in English is available onboard that describes every point of interest along the route.

Purchasing a ticket

You can purchase a ticket for a Dubai Marina yacht tour for the current price online. Just pick a convenient date and time, leave your contact information, and proceed to checkout. The ticket will be sent to the specified email address.

Guest memo:

1. We kindly ask you not to bring your own food and drinks on board, as these are already included in the ticket price. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on this cruise. 

2. Children under 2 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Every child under the age of 9 must wear a lifejacket, which is issued at the time of boarding.

Route map

Choose your preferred type of cruise for just

Dhow dinner cruise
Dhow dinner cruise
1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Dubai's most colorful tour
  • Buffet dinner
  • Tanur dancer performance
  • Route around Dubai Marina, the most fashionable district
  • Cruise on traditional Arabian boat Dhow
Lotus mega yacht dinner cruise in Dubai
Lotus mega yacht dinner cruise in Dubai
3 hours
  • A cruise on one of the largest yachts in the world
  • Food and drinks are served buffet-style
  • Entertaining shows for all ages
  • Club, restaurant and movie theater are located in one place
  • The route goes along the entire Dubai coastline
  • Ticket options with included alcohol
Private fishing boat trip in Dubai
Private fishing boat trip in Dubai
4 hours
  • A real adventure in the middle of the Persian Gulf
  • Help from the professional crew
  • Boat with equipment and bait
  • Cooking of caught fish directly on board
  • General ticket for up to 8 persons
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At the moment we have suspended the possibility of buying tickets online for this cruise ? Our team is trying to fix it as soon as possible, so you can easily buy a ticket and fall in love with Dubai from the water.

There's some good news: you can buy your ticket according to the current schedule right at the pier in Dubai Marina. We wish you a good trip and a great experience in the city!